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City-Wide is unequalled in our commitment to quality of services and customer relations. This high level of dedication ensures you a superior product before your roof is even repaired or installed! Our attention to detail means any service offered by City-Wide will provide you with uncompromising protection today, and well into the future. City-Wide Roofing Services include, but are not limited to:

Many property owners have purchased a building only to find that the roof leaks or worse yet, needs replacement.

This type of surprise is what all property owners not only want o avoid, but can't afford to...

● BUR (Built Up Roofs)

● Modified Bitumen

● Single Ply’s

● Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

● Re-roofing

● Leaks

● Coatings

● Curb installations (A/C and Skylights)

● Free Estimates

● Pre-purchase inspections

● Insurance claims

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