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Sellers Services

When selling a property, you will be bombarded with requests from prospective buyers and their agents for roofing repairs, replacement or discounts on your sales price. Three questions you need to ask yourself...


  • Are the repairs/credits warranted?

  • Are these they accurate?

  • Are other options available?


Don't give in without getting a professional opinion! We will visit the property and evaluate the condition of the roof. Our professional services include the following:


1. Core sample roof to determine existing construction.

2. Visual inspection of all roof areas and flashings.

3. Photos of the roof and close-ups of all problem areas.

4. Report of conditions of the field and flashing areas of the roof.

5. Estimate of the roofs remaining serviceable life.

6. Exact figures for:

      a. Anticipated yearly maintenance.

      b. Preventative roof maintenance items (if needed) and their effect on lengthening your 

          roofs serviceable life.

      c. Roof replacement options and costs, if necessary.


You will receive an accurate and honest evaluation.

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